English Goldendoodle Puppies

The Mini English Goldendoodle: Fast Facts

If you’re interested in English Goldendoodle puppies, be sure to visit Alpine Angel Puppies today. We specialize in providing healthy, amazing family pets that also make wonderful service and therapy dogs. The mini English Goldendoodle is a wonderful dog, sometimes called the “Teddbear" Goldendoodle.” One part is an English Cream Golden Retriever, and the other is a pure-bred Poodle. Here are some fast facts about these beautiful English Goldendoodle puppies, so you can decide if they’re the right dog for you.

  • A mini English Goldendoodle has a sweet, calm, and trusting temperament similar to the English Golden Retriever. If you’re concerned about shedding, these dogs are wonderful since they also have the non-shedding coat of the poodle.

  • As for their looks, these pups have a blocky face like an English Golden Retriever with sweet, dark eyes and even body proportions. Most puppies are between 20 and 40 pounds, which is the perfect size. They’re not too small that they can become injured by young kids, but they’re large enough to have fun with, as you take them on long walks or hikes and play with them. Their size also helps you to feel safe and protected, and they’re always eager to make their families happy.

  • If you want a smaller dog, ask about our F1b “petite” mini English Goldendoodle puppies. These dogs are 25% English Cream Golden Retriever and 75% pure-bred Poodle. They’re also a wonderful choice for anyone who is concerned about allergies, with a hypoallergenic coat and a smaller size.

  • All of our puppies receive early neurological stimulation that begins when they are just three days old. This stimulation helps the dogs handle stress, solve problems, and socialize better. It also gives them a stronger heartbeat and may also help them to resist various diseases. We play with our puppies regularly and make sure that they interact with adults and children of all ages so that they’re well socialized and exposed to all types of stimuli and environments.