F1 Mini English Goldendoodle's


Luna is our sweet AKC registered English Cream Golden Retriever.  She comes from champion lines on both sides of her parents. (This only matters because it shows a long history of great genetic health lines and a consistent - even temperament).  Luna has been CERF & Genetic tested and has passed all with flying colors. 

She is gentle, friendly, playful, loving and is great with kids and animals.  She lets kittens and children climb all over her and loves to be with the family.

 She weighs about 50 lbs.

Cami Turpin

Bear is an amazing AKC Miniature red/apricot Poodle who is adored by his family!!  He is extremely mellow and excellent with small children.  He sleeps with children every night and lets toddlers carry  him around.  This little guy is an excellent house dog who is QUIET.  He does not yap or have an ounce of energy to burn.  He has been CERF, PRA1 & 2 tested & cleared.

He weighs about 6 lbs.  



Lucy is a loving companion to our Autistic son and 3 children. We are so happy to be able to share her supportive, fun traits through her beautiful puppies.  She is an AKC registered member of the Christopherson family and she comes from champion lines.  (This only matters because it shows a long  history of great genetic health lines and a consistent - even temperament).  She has been Cerf and Genetic tested and passed all with flying colors.

Lucy is very eager to please.  She is equally content being the "snuggle-pillow" to our children as she is playing fetch, tug, and hiking in the canyon.  It is not uncommon for Lucy to sense when someone has had a bad day, especially our son with Autism, and then sit next to them in a supportive, loving gesture.  Lucy is also wonderful with other animals.  Her "siblings" consist of 8 chickens, a cat, a Labrador retriever, and our 4 children, including our son with Autism.  She weighs about 55 lbs.

Jaya Christopherson

** All of our beautiful mama English Retrievers live with guardian families.  We want them to be cared for in loving homes.  We feel that this makes the most sweet and loving Mama's for our adorable puppies.