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Meet the Parents...




Maizy is our sweet AKC registered English Cream Golden Retriever.  She comes from champion lines on both sides of her parents. (This matters because it shows a long history of great genetic health lines and a consistent - even temperament).  Maizy has been ECR & Genetic tested and has passed all with flying colors. 
She is gentle, friendly, playful, loving and is great with kids and animals.  She lets kittens and children climb all over her and loves to be with the family.
 She weighs about 65 lbs.

~Marilyn Cox



Fitzgerald is an amazing AKC registered Toy/Miniature Poodle who is adored by his family!! He has a wonderful disposition and is extremely loyal!  He likes to snuggle up and watch a show every night.  Fitz is a great "kid dog"  He loves to play fetch, hide & seek, and doesn't mind being carried around like a baby.  He is a quick learner and loves to show off his tricks. 
Fitzgerald is 100% clear of all genetic diseases including CDPA and IVDD!! 

He weighs about 11 lbs.  

~Becky Mcdonald



Athena is our smart, sweet and all around wonderful AKC Registered English Cream Golden Retriever.  
Everyone loves Athena and she has been an important part of our family since June 2020.  
     Athena is healthy, gentle, friendly, playful, loving and is great with kids and other animals.  (She is by definition a typical Golden Retriever).  She loves going for long walks and playing fetch.  
Athene weighs about 65 lbs.  
She has been ECR & Genetics tested and cleared all without any issues.
Athena comes from Champion lines on both sides of her parents.  (This matters because it shows a long history of great genetic health lines and a consistent - even temperament).

~ Terry Findling





Navi is our spunky, fun loving F1 Mini English Goldendoodle.  She loves belly scratches and snuggling with her family.  She gets along well with other dogs & cats and does well with children.  She is naturally very well behaved and a great listener.  
Navi has been genetically tested with Embark and has passed all with flying colors.  She weighs about 27 pounds.

~ Taryn Hansen







Pearl is a fun, cute F1 Mini Goldendoodle. 
   She is energetic and loves to be around the family.  She loves to play outside with the kids and fetch or chase a soccer ball.  She is a good listener and people pleaser.  If we're laying down, she loves to hop up next to us and snuggle in.  She does great with our Frenchie and loves playing with other dogs.   
  She has had a full genetic testing panel done and has cleared everything with no issues.  She has also been ECR tested and cleared.
She weighs about 28 lbs.

~Melissa Winegar


This adorable boy is such a sweetheart and is absolutely adored by his familyl! Kojo is great with other dogs and animals and loves to spend time cuddling with his family. He goes everywhere with them and is very well behaved!!  Always the little gentleman.
Kojo is a Moyan Poodle.  (Small Standard)  He has a gorgeous soft, silky coat (as opposed to a coarse, wirey one that is common in many Poodles).  His Genetic testing results came back clear and impressive!!!  
He weighs about 38 lbs.

~Guardian family




Yorgi is an adorable AKC registered Miniature Poodle who is adored by all who meet him.  He is friendly, playful, loveable and sweet!  He has soft silky hair, which will make soft puppy hair!!  

Yorgi has been fully genetic tested through Embark and is extremely healthy & happy!!

He weighs about 15 lbs.  

~Becky Mcdonald

** All of our beautiful mama English Retrievers live with guardian families.  We want them to be cared for in loving homes.  We feel that this makes the most sweet and loving Mama's for our adorable puppies.

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